Monday, April 27, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal(Let’s Do Things Differently)


Horyn, Cathy (2009, April 15). Let’s Do Things Differently. The New York Times. Retrieved April 22, 2009 from


In Cathy, Horyn’s article” Let’s Do Things Differently,” she points out that fashion will not be changed, but some fashion of details are changed by designer and customer now. First of all, Customers can’t stop their shopping of desire, so they buy the producer and return it because they don’t want to spend money. However, fashion stores need to think how to sell producers in economies of social which are going down. Moreover, fashion should decide that how to reduce the advertisement fee to get useful advertisements. Finally, the author states that designers must to be strong determination to devise producers that ordinary customers want. In summary, customers can influence fashion because of their consumption in fashion stores.


Fashion looks very pretty, but fashion has some potential problems. For example, everyone thinks fashion stores can earn much money, but it’s not true because it spends a lot of cost for making advertisements, hiring models and designers. Moreover, sometimes fashion stores should offer their products to some fashion shows or celebrities. However, I tell myself if I had opportunities to relate fashion, I would know what the fashion is first because fashion has to care about design more. Actually, I will study fashion design in S.I.U.C after I graduate C.E.S.L. Also, I read some news and articles which are related by fashion; therefore, I afraid of fashion now. There are too many potential problems that I can’t figure out. For example, fashion can’t provide whatever they want to show because they need to follow customer habits. Although, I knew that I still want to try to create my own brand and stores, I also have to consider that how to attract customers buying my producers. In summary, fashion is not very sublime. Even though, fashion attracts people to pay money for getting clothes, it still has some problems about the cost. The only thing you can believe is that fashion’s stuff will be popular forever.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Major

Everyone has a dreams about their jobs in the future. I want to be the clothes designer in the future because my father works in the clothes company which is agent. When I was child, I always play around in company, so that a reason that I interest about clothes. Now I have a chance to choose my major , so I will choose fashion design because most famous brands always sell their producer too expensive. I wish I can have own brand and company and my producers which have special design and low price sell in the world. Even if I know it’s kind of impossible, I still think it’s my dream or goal. Why do I have this idea? Sometimes I ask myself. My answers are that my father has to receive business of transaction from other companies and sometimes he doesn’t has choose because he need to earn money even he should to keep patience for long time. However, I don’t want to go my father’s ways which are too tired, I need to create my sky in the future. Finally, I appreciate my father because he make me to interest about clothes and design.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

strange food....

What is the strange food for me? I think snakes of met are strange for me. When I was child, my father showed snakes of met to me, and he said that if you wanted to become strong man with the women in the future, you would to eat it a lot. At that time, I didn’t understand what my father talked about, but I knew my father couldn’t frame my health, so I usually went there twice for one week. Whenever I can remember the met taste is so terrible because the snake’s meals combos snake of met, alcohol and traditional Chinese medicine. The tastes are so bitter and spicy, so I have never been there with my friends even it’s good for physical. The snake’s meals are not only including met but also including snake’s viscera. Although, I ate several times, I can’t accept to eat snake’s viscera. When I ate it, my head always think about sneaks. I really hate it but I ‘m very appreciate him now because I have strong physical, good health and excellent condition in adult’s excise. Finally, I will not eat any food which relates the snakes because the tastes are too disgusting.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Unique Epitaph

Have you ever seen the epitaph which inserts the small video? I think most people didn’t see it. Actually, epitaphs are description of the people’s lives; therefore, I want to describe my life by video. We have festival which we have to clean epitaph once for one year in Taiwan. I hope that my relatives who include my grandson, son-in-law, and granddaughter can understand my whole life when they come to my epitaph to clean. I think I will make videos which show my love story, my business, my wife and family. Even if it will cost a lot of money, I will keep my opinion because I don’t like have same style with other people. I think that I will purchase my style until death. Finally, I wish that I’m first person to use this style in epitaphs. I also hope that every one can follow me to use it in the future, and throw away the traditional types, for example, writing name on the epitaph, putting pictures in epitaph, using the flowers and incenses in front of the epitaph. It’s 21 century, we should use the high technology ways to represent the traditional ways.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal (Trust Me. You’ll Look Cool in This.)


Wilson, Eric (2009, April 08). Trust Me. You’ll Look Cool in This. The New Times. Retrieved April 08, 2009, from


In Eric Wilson’s article” Trust Me. You’ll Look Cool in This,” he points out that our fashion groupies spent the time on researching to find out what the modern fashion styles are. Ms. Caplan, the person who pays attention on element of fashion said that the goal of fashion shouldn’t focus on the money. Customers need to choose the clothes which fit their physical. Other designer who is called Ms. Jacksion states that customers scare that designers choose clothes for them because they don’t have enough confidence to wear. Ms. Caplan, claims that their fashion groupies are the leader of fashion, so they can give advice to customers that they must try to wear clothes which are unusual for the ordinary people. In summary, the author stresses that the fashion styles are not follow the celebrities’ steps or refer to magazines; therefore, designers suggest that people have to dress themselves in their own styles.


I agree with author’s theories. Fashion should add own styles which are not similar to other people. In my case, wearing appropriate clothes can help people who don’t have confidence. That’s why people fascinate the famous brands. According to the article, designers should focus on modes instead of the prices. If designers can make clothes which have special devising, they would raise the price. Actually, fashion often confuses the customers because people believe that famous brands can show their status. For example, I like to buy the decorations of Gucci, for I want to show that I understand fashion and I know that how to wear clothes. But it’s so fool in the designers’ opinions, they think that following famous brands are not real fashion. However, prices of named brands can not represent status of people. In conclusion, customers should know that what I should wear and which brand I can buy. Especially, customers shouldn’t spend much money on purchasing famous brands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

violence problem in Columbine

Columbine was a problem about violence because they were able to have guns. The country or city which is able to have guns always have violent problems. For example, in American guns are available; therefore, children have the chance to get guns to do whatever they want. It’s very dangerous because I can use a gun to kill the person who I hate as I would play violent games. The best way to solve is when people aren’t allowed to have guns; even if children are affected by violent games, they can’t get guns easily. On the other hand, violent games also are big problems for children and teens. They spend more than 4 hours playing them in one day. Even though, people stop them from playing games, they will still find games from another way. Therefore, I think that I will allow them to play violent games, but I will make a deal with them such as don’t kill or hurt person in your real life. In conclusion, people have to hide the guns and teach their children that what the correct way in the society is.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Taik (Local style Taiwanese)

There are many stereotypes in Taiwan. I will write one of most interest stereotypes which is call Taik. Actually, we can see the Taki in any city of Taiwan. Especially, most of them live in the southern of Taiwan. They have some special characteristic such as wearing fitting trousers, wearing fancy shirt, dying hair which is red, gold, yellow purple, having long hair, having tattoo, wearing white blue sandal, wearing gold watch and necklace, smoking all free time and speaking transnational traditional Chinese language. Therefore, most of Taik aren’t acceptance in Taiwan because some of them relate mafia and also bother women. In my opinion, they think that they are handsome and rich so most women should like them but it’s not true. However, Taik always make me feel disgusting, but sometime they make me feel funny. Because they never give up finding women who can make couple with them, they usually find many women in the same time. Finally, those behavior make that Taiwanese should sad or happy because their behaviors are so funny, but sometime it’s too rude. In my cause, I’m not proud of them because I think that they should consider that if their behaviors are correct or not.